Tycho Jorgensen

Ambitious Fellow of the Royal Science Academy


High Concept Aspect: Ambitious Fellow of the Royal Science Academy

  • Social-climbing, being recognized in society, recognizing others in society, fashion sense, etiquette, Science!, using Society resources/knowledge, compels involving the Society’s rivals, compels involving Society politics.

Trouble: Closeted Adept of the Shadow Conclave

  • Concealing his magic nature in a world where superstition is unfashionable and witch-hunters may want to kill you; a talent for ritual magic; being unwillingly drawn into supernatural events; making use of his family resources; being drawn into family politics.

Aspect 1: “Rapiers at Dusk!”

  • Hot-headedness, skill at swordsmanship/swashbuckling, an inability to hit the side of a barn with a pistol.

Aspect 2: “Wrong Place at the Wrong Time”

  • Always the fish out of water; has comically bad/weird luck.

Aspect 3: “Gifted Physician with Poor Bedside Manners”

  • Treating injury or disease with science and/or magic; compelled to represent social deficiencies.

Skills: +4 Lore
+3 Fight, Ritual
+2 Contacts, Investigate, Notice, Will
+1 Athletics, Crafts, Physique, Resources, Sailing

NOTE: He thinks he is better at Rapport than he is

Stunt 1: “The Sight”

  • Use Notice to detect and possibly see/hear spirits and spiritual auras.

Stunt 2: “I have a ritual for that!”

  • Spend a FATE point to use Ritual in place of any other skill roll provided that it could be justified as a magic ritual.

Stunt 3: "Indomitable "

  • +2 to Will defense vs. Provoke.

Refresh: 3

UPDATE 12/21/14: Have one more question re: Spiritmancers. Constructed ornithopter for Esme.


Dossier Submitted to Count Mecklengar

I have concluded my research on the gentleman physician who intervened to save the life of Gwendolyn Gyldenstein at the Annual Games. His name is Tycho Jorgensen and I believe that you will be very interested in what I have discovered given your current expeditionary plans.

The Jorgensen family is but one branch on a tree of fallen aristocrats whose blood talent grants them the ability to work “magick”. In this Enlightened Age, they refer themselves as the Shadow Conclave, for they remain content to conspire in obscurity, protected from discovery by fashionable rationalism.

Though their influence has waned, their insular society is built upon wonderments and miracles. Scions of their line can spend their whole lives certain that enchantments are common place, spirits are useful if capricious business partners, and that the rest of humanity is incapable of understanding their birthright.

Tycho Jorgensen is different.

Be it that he is genuinely sympathetic to cause of the Enlightenment or that he has been tasked by family patriarchs to infiltrate the halls of power, Tycho Jorgensen rejects the supernatural world and relentlessly seeks recognition within the Royal Science Academy. He appears to conceal his supernatural talent not because ritual magicians and alchemists live in constant danger of witch-hunters (though they do) but rather because such supernaturalism is anathema to the most fashionable and influential salons. This is especially true now that the mysterious idol erected in our capitol and associated esoteric movements (real or imagined) are being blamed blamed for bizarre weather patterns and other seemingly unnatural phenomena.

A man of extraordinary promise, he has nevertheless been beset by a run of misfortune that has delayed his rise to prominence. While doing post-graduate work at the Collegium of the Seven Spires, he was expelled for dueling with the captain of the rugby team. Mr. Jorgensen was forcefully refuting the charge that he had cursed the popular student with black magic. While I cannot verify the merits of that accusation, it should be noted that he won his duel handily (thus clearing his name to the satisfaction of most) but was expelled for injuring a bystander and recklessly damaging school property.

Subsequently, while pursuing independent scientific research with his remaining personal funds, his private laboratory was lost in a building fire. He was subsequently blamed for the calamity in the broadsheets, though my sources place the actual blame on a religious zealot. An unfortunate case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time it would seem.

And so it would seem that Tycho Jorgensen is excellent candidate for the expedition that you are considering. He is ambitious and eager to redeem himself in the eyes of the scientific community. Yet he also possesses esoteric talents that will no doubt be of use to the crew given the lands to which they are travelling. Also, an ability to communicate with spirits should give you the means to maintain contact with the expedition even as they venture beyond the reach of civilization. All that should be required to ensure his cooperation would be to provide Mr. Jorgensen rationalist cover for his employment of these skills as well as an opportunity to publish the crew’s likely discoveries.

Tycho Jorgensen

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