Endless Ocean

Return to the Living

Session 4 - 2-AUG-2013

The priestess Olena asked for our help, so Esme and Tycho examined the library. They learned that committing murder was essentially making a mockery of the gift of the afterlife, and we would need to make amends by bringing the murdered spirit (i.e., Inge) back.

As the priests explained this to the crowd, Ivan (the new leader of the rebel spirits) said that the priests were lying. In fact, they needed to rid the island of the living!

Esme stepped forward, apparently to hug Ivan. Gwendolyn told Ivan to stand down, or he’d turn to dust like Theodore. Unfortunately, he was blood thirsty and crazed, and wouldn’t listen to reason. He attacked Esme, but Virginia stepped up to her defense. Ultimately, Esme knocked Ivan out with a well-placed knife-hilt to the head. In addition, Tycho cast a barrier, which kept some of Theodore’s minions from attacking us.

Esme then crafted a tiki out of a breadfruit tree, and Malcolm cast a ritual to bring Inge’s spirit back. Amazingly, Inge returned much younger than when she died. The last thing she remembered was the “misunderstanding” with her crew. Life on the island will certainly be interesting for a while….

Tycho cast another ritual to return us to the world of the living, and we returned to the Sirocco. We thought we’d been gone a day or two, but we’d actually been gone about a week.

We briefly explored the step pyramid on the big island, MOUS. The tikis have magical energy, but Malcolm can’t figure out how to communicate with any spirits that may be bound to the tikis. We’ve taken 4 tikis with us. In addition, Esme found a library full of blank scrolls and took about a dozen with her.

Lady Gwendolyn said that we need to contact Count Mecklengar with a report, but she agreed that we should take a tour around this archipelago to see if other islands appear to have any magical energies. If not, she says that we should head north, to search for the area where the people who made these wooden tikis come from. We may find clues there that may lead us to the culture that made the stone tiki in our homeland.


Rishi thebeccasaurus

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