Endless Ocean

On the Island that Comes and Goes

Session 3 - 18-JUL-2013

The people from the pyramid were friendly, but surprised to see us. They said it’s been a long time since any of their people have come, and they rarely get visitors from among the living.

They took us to their leader, an old, living (!) woman named Inge Johannsen. She lived in a tent outside the pyramid, and her tent was full of human skulls. It seemed that the islanders like her as their leader, because there were many generations of spirits on the island and it wasn’t always easy for them to resolve their disputes. The priests spent most of their time inside the temple and didn’t interfere…. But they also would not allow Inge in the temple, apparently due to her “physical needs” (we are pretty sure that means poop).

When we visited the temple, we saw large groups of people, playing games, resting. Bored? Not much of an afterlife….

Virginia and Gwendolyn entertained the crowd with stories of our exploits, while Malcolm and Esme sneaked to the back of the temple to talk to the priests. The priests said that they knew a ritual for getting us off the island, if we do two things:

(1) Cast a ritual to make it so that the Island that Comes and Goes stops appearing in the world of the living. It seems that all the people from the culture that made the tikis have already come to this island in the sky.

(2) Take care of Inge—either take her with us or make her not be a problem.

Inge told us that she was not interested in leaving this island, but she had seen Esme’s parents! They apparently were on this island, but then left. Inge didn’t know how.

We asked Fyodor, the leader of the rebel spirits to kill Inge, saying this would help him to gain prestige with the priests and others on the island. He did, and then the sky went dark. His eyes were also all black, and blood was coming out of his eyes and ears. Esme knelt down to check him for a pulse, but he collapsed in a pile of dust.

Virginia quickly grabbed Inge’s fancy knife, and then we ran to the temple.

The priestess Olena told us that the sanctity of this place had been destroyed and the island was angry….


Rishi thebeccasaurus

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