Endless Ocean

Return to the Living
Session 4 - 2-AUG-2013

The priestess Olena asked for our help, so Esme and Tycho examined the library. They learned that committing murder was essentially making a mockery of the gift of the afterlife, and we would need to make amends by bringing the murdered spirit (i.e., Inge) back.

As the priests explained this to the crowd, Ivan (the new leader of the rebel spirits) said that the priests were lying. In fact, they needed to rid the island of the living!

Esme stepped forward, apparently to hug Ivan. Gwendolyn told Ivan to stand down, or he’d turn to dust like Theodore. Unfortunately, he was blood thirsty and crazed, and wouldn’t listen to reason. He attacked Esme, but Virginia stepped up to her defense. Ultimately, Esme knocked Ivan out with a well-placed knife-hilt to the head. In addition, Tycho cast a barrier, which kept some of Theodore’s minions from attacking us.

Esme then crafted a tiki out of a breadfruit tree, and Malcolm cast a ritual to bring Inge’s spirit back. Amazingly, Inge returned much younger than when she died. The last thing she remembered was the “misunderstanding” with her crew. Life on the island will certainly be interesting for a while….

Tycho cast another ritual to return us to the world of the living, and we returned to the Sirocco. We thought we’d been gone a day or two, but we’d actually been gone about a week.

We briefly explored the step pyramid on the big island, MOUS. The tikis have magical energy, but Malcolm can’t figure out how to communicate with any spirits that may be bound to the tikis. We’ve taken 4 tikis with us. In addition, Esme found a library full of blank scrolls and took about a dozen with her.

Lady Gwendolyn said that we need to contact Count Mecklengar with a report, but she agreed that we should take a tour around this archipelago to see if other islands appear to have any magical energies. If not, she says that we should head north, to search for the area where the people who made these wooden tikis come from. We may find clues there that may lead us to the culture that made the stone tiki in our homeland.

On the Island that Comes and Goes
Session 3 - 18-JUL-2013

The people from the pyramid were friendly, but surprised to see us. They said it’s been a long time since any of their people have come, and they rarely get visitors from among the living.

They took us to their leader, an old, living (!) woman named Inge Johannsen. She lived in a tent outside the pyramid, and her tent was full of human skulls. It seemed that the islanders like her as their leader, because there were many generations of spirits on the island and it wasn’t always easy for them to resolve their disputes. The priests spent most of their time inside the temple and didn’t interfere…. But they also would not allow Inge in the temple, apparently due to her “physical needs” (we are pretty sure that means poop).

When we visited the temple, we saw large groups of people, playing games, resting. Bored? Not much of an afterlife….

Virginia and Gwendolyn entertained the crowd with stories of our exploits, while Malcolm and Esme sneaked to the back of the temple to talk to the priests. The priests said that they knew a ritual for getting us off the island, if we do two things:

(1) Cast a ritual to make it so that the Island that Comes and Goes stops appearing in the world of the living. It seems that all the people from the culture that made the tikis have already come to this island in the sky.

(2) Take care of Inge—either take her with us or make her not be a problem.

Inge told us that she was not interested in leaving this island, but she had seen Esme’s parents! They apparently were on this island, but then left. Inge didn’t know how.

We asked Fyodor, the leader of the rebel spirits to kill Inge, saying this would help him to gain prestige with the priests and others on the island. He did, and then the sky went dark. His eyes were also all black, and blood was coming out of his eyes and ears. Esme knelt down to check him for a pulse, but he collapsed in a pile of dust.

Virginia quickly grabbed Inge’s fancy knife, and then we ran to the temple.

The priestess Olena told us that the sanctity of this place had been destroyed and the island was angry….

Ew! Monkey Rabies.
Session 2 - 27-JUN-2013

The Search for Water

Captain Hale and Esme left the area of spirits and tikis to search for water. As they approached the center of the island, the monkeys became more aggressive, baring their teeth and making noise. After a while, one threw a coconut and hit Esme. Capt. Hale stood her ground and then shot one of the four large (70-pound) monkeys who were leading the group. After a brief fight with the four large monkeys (including Patchy), the small monkeys fled and all four large monkeys were dead. The island was then named MOUS Island.

Upon reaching the center of the island, Capt. Hale and Esme found a large step pyramid, lined with dozens of wooden tikis. They didn’t see any spirits, but they did find water. They then headed back to the rest of the party, without entering the pyramid.

Towing Tiny Tikis

Meanwhile, the rest of the group decided that the easiest way to move the tikis to the other island would be to toss them off the cliffs into the water, and then tie them onto the boat launch. (Fortunately, Malcolm could tell there weren’t any rocks in the water.) Lady Gwendolyn asked Tycho and Malcolm to prep the tikis for this maneuver and then she returned to the launch. With a little effort, she persuaded Boatswain Harrison that it was safe enough to bring the launch around the island to the tikis.

As we headed toward the Island that Comes and Goes, the spirits were floating along behind, with the makeshift raft of tikis. The spirits seemed pleased. In particular, they seemed to be building rapport and starting to show some respect for Malcolm.

En route to the Island that Comes and Goes, we stopped by the main boat briefly to give them the location of the fresh water supply, and let Boatswain Harrison return to the ship. Capt. Hale told the crew to wait one week, and then head back to port if we hadn’t returned.

The Island that Comes and Goes

When we first reached the Island that Comes and Goes, it was barren and rocky, with a large rocky mound in the center. After about 10-15 minutes, the island changed. It looked like a smaller version of the other island, with trees and a large step pyramid in the middle. Esme realized that the shape of this island is an exact copy of the other island, and she’d recently had a dream about just such an island.

The spirits now look like people, not spirits. They can also communicate with us via speech, not just hand waving. They told us that “There is only one language here.” They also explain that their people learned a magic ritual to put spirits into tikis. Then, this island extracts the spirits from the tikis. Their legends promised them new magical gifts and powers once they reached this island, but they don’t know much more about this island than that. They don’t feel any different yet. (Side note: we also don’t feel any different here. We still look and feel very much alive.)

The former spirits also said that they had been cast out from their people, due to an old feud who should be in charge. The others placed their tikis on the other island to mock them and show them that they will never reach this island. They now want to take revenge on the others. Malcolm has asked them to wait, and they have agreed to learn more about the island before pre-emptively attacking.

Meanwhile, Tycho has been busy collecting samples of sand and rocks. Several of us also held Esme while she looked under the island. It looks like the island did down below (i.e., rocky and barren, with a large rocky mound in the center). We don’t know how far up we are, as we can only see clouds below us (not water).

In the distance, we see people near the step pyramid. It looks like they are approaching us…..

Destination: Tiny Tiki Island
Session 1 - 06-JUN-2013

We began in medias res, hired by Count Mecklengar to investigate the tiki connection on an island previously visited by Esme Berg and part of an archipelago owned by Lord Gyldenstein. Upon arrival, we observed the disappearing island. Ashore, we discovered “tikis” that were culturally related to indigenous reindeer herders to the north of Voorstahaven. We encountered ancestor spirits bound to these wooden totems and are currently considering an expedition to the disappearing island (which appears to rapidly change in altitude rather than disappear). With time running out, Malcolm has grabbed a mini-tiki and is considering stealing the launch…

Boost (Tycho): “History of these people”

Malcolm established rapport with a female spirit. Her mini-tiki was the first he grabbed, and when he did so, her spirit appeared dimmer to everyone except Malcolm, who saw her become brighter and more detailed.


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