The Sirocco


Length: 60 ft.
Draught: 10 ft.
Beam: 18 ft.
Average Speed: 3 knots/hour (in light wind)
Crew: 10 (minimum)
Captain: Virginia Hale
First Mate: Gianni diCari (Changeling)
Ship’s Cat: The Admiral (VIII)

High Concept: Refitted Smuggler’s Caravel
Trouble: New Skin on Old Bones (Lots of repairwork)

Aspect 1: Finest Crew Money Can Buy
Aspect 2: Not a Pirate Ship (I Promise!)
Aspect 3: __________________________________

Skills – Option 1:

Good ( +3 ): Speed (or Maneuverability)
Fair ( +2 ): Crew
Average ( +1 ): Maneuverability (or Speed), Structure
Mediocre ( 0 ): Cargo
Poor ( -1 ): Firepower

Skills – Option 2:

Great ( +4 ): Sailing
Good ( +3 ): Physique, Notice
Fair ( +2 ): Crafts, Athletics, Fight
Average ( +1 ): Contacts, Lore, Provoke, Will


Re-Rigging the Sails: The crew can change the rigging from square sails to lateen (or back again). This process takes 12 hours of dedicated work. This process swaps the skill ratings of Speed and Maneuverability:
Square Sails: Good ( +3 ) Speed and Average ( +1 ) Maneuverability
Lateen Sails: Good ( +3 ) Maneuverability and Average ( +1 ) Speed

Lucky Winds: The Sirocco gives +2 on any crew Sail rolls to win a contest of speed.

Shady Reputation: The Sirocco gives a +2 to crew Provoke rolls when used to Create an Advantage using the ship’s history/reputation.

Appearance: The Sirocco is a tidy, mid-sized caravel with three masts, a smallish cargo hold, and a bit of a reputation. Her name is painted in glossy red across her stern, as is her port of origin, Hansheim. She’s currently flying the flag of Voorsthaven.

History: The Sirocco has been afloat for at least thirty years. No one is entirely sure who first commissioned her, but Captain Hale has been at her helm for more than twenty years. She has, at various points in her history, been a freighter, a pleasure yacht, a light gunship, a smuggler’s rig, a military personnel transport, a privateer, an outright pirate, and an explorer. Her reputation makes her pretty identifiable in ports, though that reputation is not always bad.

Notable Crewmembers:

Gianni diCari: Gianni is a cranky, thirty-something Changeling from some southern principality. He’s served as Captain Hale’s First Mate for six years. He’s a hulking, hideously ugly man whose nose has obviously been broken and misaligned several times. Where the Captain is charming and beloved by her crew, Gianni is fearsome and temperamental.

The Admiral (VIII): For as long as anyone can remember, the Sirocco has been home to a series of black cats who serve as mascots and vermin control. The current Admiral is the eighth to bear the name. She is a matronly female who has grown fat on rats and crew handouts. She also happens to be pregnant. Again.

Boatswain Harrison: Responsible for the ship’s equipment and repair.

Cabins and Bunks:

Crew: The ten members of the crew bunk in the main cabin in the fo’c’sle. When the weather allows, most of the sailors prefer to sleep up on deck. Gianni usually occupies the Aft Stateroom, but has vacated it for Gwendolyn.

Captain’s Cabin: Port half of the aftcastle. Occupied by Captain Virginia Hale.

Ship’s Office: Long since taken over by Esme and converted to her bunkroom/workroom.

Aft Stateroom: Occupied by Lady Gwendolyn.

Port Stateroom: Occupied by Malcolm.

Starboard Stateroom: Occupied by Tycho.


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