MOUS Island

Monkeys of Unusual Size.

MOUS Island, located in the Gyldenstein Archipelago, is the site of a group of small tiki-like carvings situated on a cliff. A small cove forms a natural harbor with a beach for landing rowboats. The island’s interior is primarily jungle. The cliff with the tikis, which looks out over The Island That Comes and Goes, is a trek of about 1 hour through the jungle. Deep in the jungle, Captain Hale and Esme discovered a step pyramid, covered in additional tikis near a freshwater spring.

MOUS Island is named for the large monkeys found in the jungle. While searching for the spring, Captain Hale and Esme encountered a hostile troop of these monkeys, including Patchy (named for bald patches incurred while grappling with Esme). The monkeys were ultimately defeated, and Esme was crowned their queen.

In addition to the large population of large simians, MOUS Island seems to be the ancestral home of a people culturally similar to the Northerners of the Continent who carved the small tikis and bound their spirits to them.

MOUS Island, though located in a Mediterranean or Subtropical climate zone, experiences cooler than expected temperatures. The ambient temperature on MOUS Island is several degrees cooler than that of the surrounding seas and islands in the archipelago.

MOUS Island

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