Esme Berg

High Concept: Cartographer of Note, possessing Navigation/Clairvoyance Talent


Trouble Aspect:

I can find anything except my family.


I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you.
Tycho can lead me to my family.
I am loyal to those who show me kindness.


Great ( +4 ): Notice
Good ( +3 ): Will, Sail
Fair ( +2 ): Athletics, Burglary, Investigate
Average ( +1 ): Fight, Physique, Lore, Crafts


I Dreamed a Dream: Once per session, Esme can declare one detail about the world without spending a FATE point.

Danger Sense: You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where somebody or something intends to harm you.

Mapmaking (or possibly something else TBD): ?


Until she was 8 years old, Esme Berg lived an idyllic existence with her parents on the banks of the River Snostrup. Her life was upended when her parents went for a walk and ended up Lost. She has spent her whole life since then searching for them, a pursuit aided to a small degree by her Navigational Talent. While mapmaking and navigating pay the bills, what Esme really longs to find is her family. Unfortunately, that is the one thing she can’t ever seem to find. Until she does, she’s set her mind to charting all lands, known and unknown, in the hopes that someday she and her parents will be reunited.

For a brief while, Esme was Assistant Professor of Cartography at the Collegium of the Seven Spires. Her academic tenure was short, due to her inability to teach non-Talented students the art of mapmaking. The day she was sacked, she inadvertently walked through a duel Tycho was involved in and ended up with a small scar on her arm in the shape of the River Snostrup. Since leaving academia, Esme has made her way in the world as a navigator (primarily for Captain Hale on the Sirocco) and Cartographer for Hire. She was recently contracted to chart Lord Karl Erick Gyldenstein’s overseas holdings, the Gyldenstein Archipelago. Lord Gyldenstein refused to pay her for her work, a slight that will not soon be forgotten.

Growing up on her own without a family, Esme developed a strong inner world. She still sometimes slips into fantasy. To compound matters, her Talent gives her clairvoyant dreams in addition to a keen sense of her surroundings. She occasionally experiences moments of confusion as to whether a memory is from reality, a clairvoyant dream, or merely a powerful daydream.

Esme Berg

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