Captain Virginia Hale

Selkie-born Sea Captain


High Concept: Selkie-born Sea Captain
Trouble: Too Old for This Shit

Aspect 1: Devoted Mother (and Her Ship is Her Family, Too)
Aspect 2: Hints, Hunches and Gossip
Aspect 3: Nautical Perfectionist (Only the Best!)

Great (+4): Rapport
Good (+3): Sailing, Athletics
Fair (+2): Empathy, Fight, Physique
Average (+1): Shoot, Contacts, Will, Lore, Provoke

Selkie Charm (like “Best Foot Forward,” p. 121): Twice per session, you may upgrade any boosts you receive with Rapport into situation aspects with a free invocation.
Sea Legs (like “Hardcore Parkour,” p. 98): +2 to overcome actions with Athletics if you are in a chase across rooftops or a similarly precarious environment.
Lie Whisperer (p. 109): +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at you or someone else. (Likely to change shortly.)

Description: Captain Hale is nearly sixty and looks it. Her long hair is more gray than brown and her pale gray eyes are surrounded by crow’s feet. She’s not a tall woman and though she is still sleek and well-muscled, she walks with a very slight limp on cold mornings. Despite her age, she’s still a handsome woman with an engaging smile and plenty of charm. There’s just something about her.


When Virginia’s parents met in a storm in the Vestennay Islands, it was love at first sight. Virginia was born a scant six months after their hurried wedding. On Virginia’s seventh birthday, her mother abruptly transformed into a gray seal and returned to the sea. That was when Virginia’s father explained what a selkie was to his young daughter. Even if she couldn’t shapeshift into a seal like her mother, young Virginia was drawn to the ocean. Virginia went to sea when she was fourteen. (She said she was sixteen.) She’s been there ever since.

When she was in her twenties, a brief landside romance with a bartender named Seamus left her with a bit of a problem. (And she’d never been seasick in her life!) So she married him, delivered a healthy baby boy, and settled down for nearly two years. Eventually, the sea called to her and she left young James with Seamus and headed to sea. This pattern continued for several years and eventually another boy, Nathaniel, was born. Seamus is a doting father and employs the boys at the tavern he eventually bought, The Fat Sow. Virginia loves her family, but is too restless to be a very good mother.

Nathaniel turned into a troublesome teen (a bit like his mother) and ended up with a substantial gambling debt to some unsavory characters. With The Fat Sow on the line, Captain Hale decided to give up the Sirocco instead. Now, with this mission, she has a chance to earn her ship back. It’s something she’s determined to do.

Now that she’s nearing retirement, Captain Hale is looking forward to some quality time with her husband after the proceeds of the mission.

Captain Virginia Hale

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