Endless Ocean

Destination: Tiny Tiki Island

Session 1 - 06-JUN-2013

We began in medias res, hired by Count Mecklengar to investigate the tiki connection on an island previously visited by Esme Berg and part of an archipelago owned by Lord Gyldenstein. Upon arrival, we observed the disappearing island. Ashore, we discovered “tikis” that were culturally related to indigenous reindeer herders to the north of Voorstahaven. We encountered ancestor spirits bound to these wooden totems and are currently considering an expedition to the disappearing island (which appears to rapidly change in altitude rather than disappear). With time running out, Malcolm has grabbed a mini-tiki and is considering stealing the launch…

Boost (Tycho): “History of these people”

Malcolm established rapport with a female spirit. Her mini-tiki was the first he grabbed, and when he did so, her spirit appeared dimmer to everyone except Malcolm, who saw her become brighter and more detailed.


Rishi Rishi

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